An Opinion on Originality – Nexian Android Magic by @lifejoy

Originality is officially dead. Thank you, Nexian.






Dear Nexian, thank you for providing us with this perfect copy of the iPhone. With this, we could look cool & hip just like those iPhone toting hipsters. Sure, it doesn’t work like the iPhone, but hey, people doesn’t have to know, right?

I mean, why buy the real thing when you can get the perfect copy of it with just a fraction of the price? Why becoming original when you can copy? Being original is a bitch. It takes innovation, persistence, consistency, effort, research and all those things that’s hard to do. Your product is a proof of the “instant” mindset that’s been evolving in our society.

Examples: why study when you can cheat? Why do I have to stand trial for my traffic violation if I can pay someone to do it for me? Why go with the rules if you can bend them? Why trying so hard to get rich while we can corrupt? We don’t care. Why should we?

We’re living in Indonesia where “shortcuts” are everywhere, and I’m glad you’re supporting that particular mindset. Sure the iPhone designer’s would be pissed off when they saw what you’re doing, just like how a batik designer gets angry when he saw his creation being copied in other country, or when some composer mad at Ahmad Dhani for copying his song, but that doesn’t matter does it? You’re making shitload of money because everyone with the same mindset will buy this product (and i’m betting there will be plenty of them) and it could probably pay the lawsuit, or the local authorities.

Anyway, congratulation on the phone’s launch, and thank you for killing originality, the bitch that only honorable people could only achieved. Cheers for your copycat product!

Just saw on my twitter TL, @makemac retweeting a tweet from @lifejoy about a posting on his blog about one of Nexian’s new smartphone, Nexian Android Magic.
The problem is how the Nexian Magic design looks awfully similar to the popular iPhone 4.

It’s interesting to read @lifejoy’s opinion on originality. I think it’s too bad, Nexian, one of leaders in local smartphone market, choose this kind of approach, a me-too strategy although it’s already been said in many books of marketing that you need differentiate yourself in order to leave your mark on customers. Hermawan Kartajaya also said in his book, Marketing 3.0, brands and companies need to have a good and strong character and most of all be authentic.

I wonder what will Apple company do if they knew about this? Apple claims versus Samsung for a patent infringement still going on as we speak and it’s a long and bloody battle. I hope Nexian didn’t need to face the same thing but let us just wait and see.


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