Heineken 140th Year Anniversary – Future Bottle Design Contest

For celebrating its 140th year anniversary, Heineken has just launched a global design challenge inviting all who have a little taste of art and also maybe a little beer lover to design for Heineken’s bottle of the future.


The event, which is organized through Heineken’s Facebook page, will be open until January 31, 2012. Participants will be asked to form a creative collaboration with a stranger, by choosing to pair design concepts for Heineken’s next Limited Edition bottle that symbolizes on how people around the world will connect each other in the next 140 years. The winning duo will be having their design launched around the world from December 2012 to celebrate Heineken’s anniversary and their names will also appear on the bottle. 

For you who interested, just visit Heineken’s Facebook page, and download the design brief and toolkit that will include the bottle template and Heineken assests.

This is yet another fine example on how brands should be more “connected” with its customers and Process is Collaboration right now in the era of new wave marketing exactly like Hermawan Kartajaya said with his 12Cs of New Wave Marketing.

Source: Heineken’s Future Bottle Challenge image, POPSOP



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