Nike’s Basketball Never Stops Campaign – Paint The Town

One thing I like about Nike’s ads is how humanist and engaging their ads is. The same goes for this ads-Paint The Town that is part of Nike’s Basketball Never Stops campaign that mark the start of basketball session in US.

The ads featuring Kevin Durant (KD), a basketball player who is an professional American basketball player that has been well known to pick up a basketball game with anyone at anytime. In the ads, KD is being shown playing street basketball with local people, playing basketball in one family’s backyard and even playing with local seniors in one city.

Together with a nice background song “Good Times”, the ads really give you a warm and homey feeling also an impression of friendly neighborhood where everyone enjoy playing basketball together.

And this is exactly what Nike wants to achieve with its Basketball Never Stops campaign. Nike wants to celebrates basketball players at all levels and what Nike can contribute to the game besides from its products (shoes, apparels, etc). Nike also encourage all basketball players and fans to submit and tag contents that shows how basketball never stops in their life. Users can participate on Facebook or tag their posts on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Flickr, or Instagram with #BasketballNeverStops.

Source: POPSOP



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