The Facts on Hidden Product Placement #iloveinfographic



It’s interesting reading this infographic about the facts on Hidden Product Placement especially on the movie. The last movie I watched, Real Steel had quite a lot of brands that being shown explicitly in the movie like Sprint, HP, Beats by Dre, ESPN and lots more.

What about the phenomenon of product placement in Indonesia ? Well to tell you the truth, I rarely see Indonesian movies that had products or logos from particular brands being shown (explicitly or implicitly) in the movie but maybe I have miss to notice it.

I think it’s interesting to note that brands need to think more carefully and strategically on product placement. Product placement (on movies) does have its pros and cons.


# Lots of visibily or exposure

# Potential press

# Subtle advertising (although it depends on how explicit your product is being shown)

# The more popular the “vehicle” (a.k.a movie), the longer the “placement life” is


# Viewers may not notice your product or brands

# It depends heavily on the popularity of the movie


Don’t you agree on this? Or do you have any opinions? Can you mention some movies that you have watched and in that movies you noticed some of the brands that were doing product placement ?


Source: eStrategy After Hours’s posterous, Brand Channel, Dewanemutunga’s blog


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