Reasons Why We Be Friended or Unfriended in Facebook #iloveinfographic


This is an interesting study on reasons why we add friends or remove friends in Facebook.

The common reason for be friends with other people on Facebook are because we know them offline (82%) and because of mutual friendship (60%). Interesting to note that there are about 8% of the respondent who adding friends in Facebook because of physical attractiveness.

More interesting for me are for the reasons on why some people remove their friends on Facebook. The most obvious is because of offensive comments (55%) but what is more intriguing, there are about 39% of respondent said that the reason is because those friends are trying to selling something to them (with most of them are male respondent) and about 6% who remove their friends because they update too often.

For brands, marketeers or people who wants to “communicate” through social media such as Facebook this study serves as an interesting insight on how they should behave themself. No wonder there are quite some books out there that discuss this art to selling or “communicate” well in Facebook. I know one book by CreasionBrand that discuss about this, Menciptakan Penjualan Melalui Sosial Media. I am actually haven’t read it but from the comments that I read it is quite a good book.

How about you, do you agree with the study result or do you have your own reasons on why we friended or unfriended people on Facebook?

Source: Jay Jayasuriya’s Posterous


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