The New Logo of Paramount For Celebrating Its 100th Year Anniversary

As part of its 100 years anniversary celebration, Paramount the studio behind box office movies like Mission: Impossible, The Godfather, Transformers had changing its logo from the old logo we all have been known for quite long.

Paramount logo was known with the iconic symbol of a rugged, snow-covered peak from the Wasatch mountain range and first created in 1916.


The new logo of Paramount which still retain the same figure, but now added with a more realistic HD feel and with a beautiful background scenery. What makes the new logo looks different than the old one is because it looks like the mountain is being taken with a camera that has been pulled back for a wider shot.


I can say that I like the new logo because it bring you a feel of a grand scheme while still paying the homage to the history of the studio with the classic stars and mountain logo.

The new logo can be first seen on the new movie of Tom Cruise, Mission: Impossible-Ghost Protocol which already playing on some theatres on December 21st.

Paramount will use the new logo with the 100th anniversary throughout 2012 and beginning in 2012, the word 100th anniversary will supposedly be removed from the logo while maintaining the new design.

For any of you who are interested to know the logo variations of Paramount all this year, you can visit Logo Variations – Paramount Pictures over on CLG Wiki (Closing Logos Group Wiki). Be prepared to scroll a lot though, it is really a loooong list but you can learn a lot especially on the history of the iconic Paramount logo.

So what do you think of the new logo? Do you like it or do you like the old logo instead? And for you who already watching the movie Mission: Impossible-Ghost Protocol did you notice the new logo?

Source: Paramount Old Logo image, POPSOP


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