Great Packaging Design With A Playful Touch of Biscotti TV Phone

There’s nothing more I love than a well thought and great packaging design especially for a tech gadget. Apple had done that for quite a long time with all their packaging design for all of their devices and sure does this company named Biscotti had done the same with its TV phone product packaging.


As been reviewed by Mashable, what can be said for best packaging is it only wasted a little space. Nice colors, great choose of typeface and retro design with brown paper bag-esque covering, red and white printing. I can’t help but agree with Mashable that the packaging itself indeed like inviting us to come and open the box.


The most thing I like from this packaging is how Biscotti decided to put a little playful and humour touch with the packaging copy.


Just take a look at the front box that says, “It’s like reality TV. But with normal people. Well, almost normal people.”

While on the bottom list of the box that list product contents, you can find at the list not only the TV Phone and other stuff like Remote Control but also “Lots of Love” and especially don’t miss out the notes on the box that says, “Created by loveable scientists in Texas”.  Even in the box inside, Biscotti still keep its playful touch a little while maintains the simple packaging design. 


Who says that packaging design can’t be fun eh 🙂


Source: Mashable