A Touch of Fun, Playfulness and Innocence – innocent Packaging Design

innocent various products including smoothie and yoghurt

innocent is a UK-based company founded in 1999 by three Cambridge graduates – Richard Reed, Adam Balon and Jon Wright whose its primary products are smoothies and juices that are being sold in UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Finland, Germany and Switzerland and some other countries. In April 2010 about 58% stake of the company had been owned by Coca-Cola.

innocent pet juices and smoothies for kids

What I like from innocent actually is about how innocent do designs for its logo and packaging that are childlike yet adorable, warm, simple, fun and playful with its use of witty words all around its packaging design.

innocent bottle bottom and side

Similar to its approach with the packaging design, innocent has also been doing straightforward, almost irreverent approach to its business, using a simple, down-to-earth communications technique to its customers. One example is innocent Big Knit campaign where customers or fans of innocent were asked to make tiny winter hats to be placed on top of innocent bottles to raise money for Age Concern. innocent also do the same fun approach to its retailers, by writing out newsletter that combines its product information with fun stories.


innocent Big Knit campaign

I can’t help myself to think that innocent seems has been implementing the spirit of Marketing 3.0 in their whole business activities as innocent are treating their customers and partners (retailers) as friends who can inspire and motivate each other because innocent believe that when someone have truly inspiring and motivated people around, he/she can do anything.
It’s interesting to follow what innocent will do later with its marketing strategies and hopefully we can see more proof of its spirit of Marketing 3.0 implementation.

PS:The typeface used for innocent logo is Century Gothic in case you ask.
Funny fact about the Century Gothic typeface, it is being well known as one of the typeface that is “eco-friendly” because it uses 30% less ink when printed.
I don’t know whether innocent purposefuly choose this typeface for that eco-friendly reason but maybe that is the reason with innocent šŸ™‚


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