The Rebranding of Marketeers for 2012


Noticed the change in the logo of Marketeers especially on the “M” part! We got a new look of M letter in the January issue. The basic typeface being used is surely an ITC Ronda Bold. But the creative team at Marketeers did a tweak on the letter based on the 6 pillars of Character which consists of Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring and Citizenship (you can see that the letter M consists of 6 red lines that represents the 6 Characters).


A little fact about ITC Ronda itself that being used for the letter M. ITC Ronda is one of the Circle typefaces that are reminiscent of European design from the 1920s. Circle typefaces may be quite an old typefaces but they have never diminished in popularity; for example just take a look at look at ITC Avant Garde Gothic™, from the early 1970s, or Avenir™, from the late 1980s. Circle typefaces have characteristics that can be write down to two simple forms: circles or other rounded forms, and straight lines. These typefaces are usually being used to represent sleek movement, dynamism, or the future, which I believe maybe one of the reasons why the creative team at Marketeers chose to use ITC Ronda Bold.


But the creative team at Marketeers are not just doing redesign on the letter M itself. They also change the typeface used for the “arketeers” part. In the December issue, they used typeface which I think is the Beton EF Bold while on the January issue, they decided to use Serifa Thin typeface instead. Serifa Thin is being known as one thin and slim typeface that usually being used to give a sort feelings of elegance.




Last, the Marketeers creative team also decided to create and build characters for the signature letter M by playing with it and building a campaign around the letter M – “Which M are You?”. They even create a game and sell merchandise (T-shirt) at MarkPlus Conference 2012 last year for the campaign (accompanied by beautiful promotion girls by the way 🙂 ).



There is also a video on this new look (rebranding) of Marketeers that tell us some of the 9 characters from the “Which M are You?” campaign.



In the end, I think the team behind these rebranding of Marketeers have done a really great and nice jobs. I like on how they design and develop it around the principle of 6 Characters. I think they have chosen the right typefaces that really can tell us on what Marketeers vision and mission in the year of 2012. 


Hopefully Marketeers will implement or continuing on the campaign on the 9 Characters from the “Which M are You?”  maybe on their magazine, website or other offline or online events and not just limiting it on MarkPlus Conference 2012 only because I think it is will make it more unique and most of all fun. Who say that Marketing can’t be fun 🙂


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