The Ultimate Guide to A Great Business Card Print & Design #iloveinfographic

I would say that this is an interesting yet helpful infographic on how to design a great business card either for ourselves or for a company. I didn’t know at first that each countries have different standard sizes for business cards. I like the idea for printing business cards on cookies, though 🙂

Put the joke aside, one important fact on business card although it look simple, it represents on how you or (your company) looks to other people. It is still one effective way to marketing yourselves or your company/business and because of it you should take care in your mind to define first what is your PDB (Positioning, Differentiation, Brand) before designing your business card.

That’s why I always admire people or company that think a lot on how their business card should look like and can actually explain the reason on why they decided to design and print their business cards.

Can you share on how your business card looks like? And you share also the reason on why your business card being designed the way it is right now? Or do you actually have any opinion or suggestion on how your business card or other business cards should be look like? Leave out your comments 🙂


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